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Mechanical Development

The development of electronic printing systems and products have been the primary focus of mechanical engineering at TPR. TPR's Mechanical Engineering capabilities include: industrial design and human factors (IDHF), mechanisms, plastic and sheet metal, paper handling, media handling, fusing systems, optics, electrostatic powder deposition, fluid deposition, materials and surface technologies, mechanical analysis, and MEMS systems. From these roots, mechanical development at TPR has evolved to serve virtually any industry or application requirement.  

From a historical basis, as world-recognized experts in the many technologies of digital printing and paper handling, the technical resource of TPR has advanced in skills and experience to a high level of versatility. TPR people, equipment, and practices include the use of the most advanced of CAD, CAE, and CAM practices, with a broad range of application expertise. TPR's mechanical development activities consistently employ the latest rapid prototyping technologies and are recognized for their ability to provide rapid time to market advantage to customers.

TPR's engineers provide mechanical designs for components, prototypes, new products, and manufacturing systems. This resource can be tailored to meet your needs, from the development of one simple gage to the high volume production design of the most advanced of mechanisms and machines. Additionally, the TPR mechanical development team is expert with the integration of state-of-art electronics and firmware with impressive credits in advanced electro-mechanical product development. TPR's interdisciplinary work environment allows its mechanical engineers to consult with materials, electronics, chemical and fluid science experts as well as electrical engineers and software engineers in architecting and designing the mechanical infrastructure of any product.

We're Listed On The Rochester Business List

TPR announces the availability of iP_ANALYSIS
TPR’s Image Permanence Data Management System Software Package

TPR announces that that the latest version of the TEC Tribo Charge Analyzer TEC-2 is now shipping.

Rick Lux, Ph.D., with  29 years experience in research and development of digital printing systems, has joined TPR as a TPR Fellow.

Dexter Dyer,with over 31 years in electrophotographic and lithographic digital printing , has joined TPR as a TPR Fellow.

Jerome May, a 33 year digital imaging veteran, has joined TPR as a TPR Fellow.

TPR has been selected for the "2008 Product Development & Marketing" category award by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).(New Press Release)

TPR Ozone Testing Facilities Description (PDF)

TPR has conducted an extensive test on the stability of photographic prints made from a variety of systems from multiple vendors. The report compares the performance of the various images under accelerated conditions to assess their respective permanence and to make life projections. this is available for download at Publications.

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