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Torrey Pines Research
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Torrey Pines Research

Inkjet Technology

Torrey Pines Research (TPR) wrote THE BOOK on inkjet technologies.

Inkjet printing is predominantly a direct marking process, whereby individual droplets of ink are directly deposited onto the final substrate. Its inherent simplicity is only obtained by the careful selection, design, and integration of the three critical components of inkjet printing:

  • The inkjet head technology and associated hardware
  • The ink material
  • The substrate material, or media

The primary technical classification of inkjet technologies segments into Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) versus Drop on Demand (DOD) Inkjet. The vast majority of all inkjet products on the market utilize Drop on Demand (DOD) technology. DOD inkjet systems further segment into the following classifications:

  • Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), as predominantly practiced by Hewlett Packard, Canon, Lexmark, Olivetti, and others (in development)

  • Piezo Inkjet (PIJ), as predominantly practiced by Epson, Spectra, Xaar, Inkjet Technologies, and others

Torrey Pines Research (TPR) is the leading independent technical authority in digital printing technologies and has significant experience and expertise in the product development and integration of inkjet printing system products and sub-systems.  In recent years, TPR has been called upon to extend Inkjet Printing to other industries requiring controlled precision material deposition of liquids.  TPR's unique experience in inkjet printing systems has positioned Torrey Pines Research as the leader in developing unique material deposition applications.

We're Listed On The Rochester Business List

April 8, 2010: Richard Lux (currently TPR , formerly of Xerox Corporation) is awarded the prestigious "Chester F. Carlson Award" for outstanding work in the science or technology of electrophotography “for his innovation and leadership in the creation, incubation, development, and delivery of electrophotographic processes and products” by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T).
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TPR announces the availability of iP_ANALYSIS
TPR’s Image Permanence Data Management System Software Package

TPR announces that that the latest version of the TEC Tribo Charge Analyzer TEC-2 is now shipping.

TPR Ozone Testing Facilities Description (PDF)

TPR has conducted an extensive test on the stability of photographic prints made from a variety of systems from multiple vendors. The report compares the performance of the various images under accelerated conditions to assess their respective permanence and to make life projections. this is available for download at Publications.

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