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 TPR will...Reduce your time to market.

Getting your product to market in the shortest possible time is a top priority. Companies are looking for new ways to reduce development time. TPR is your best alternative product development solution.

Focus the utilization of your internal resources.

Strategic use of your internal resources is a must. Dedicate your people to what they do best and engage TPR to do the rest.

Strengthen your Product development program.

Companies need a partner who will help them succeed in every aspect of the development process. TPR is a highly qualified one-stop solution.

Give you more flexibility

You will extend your technical resources and avoid internal ramp-up inefficiencies.

...since 1986

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We're Listed On The Rochester Business List

April 8, 2010: Richard Lux (currently TPR , formerly of Xerox Corporation) is awarded the prestigious "Chester F. Carlson Award" for outstanding work in the science or technology of electrophotography “for his innovation and leadership in the creation, incubation, development, and delivery of electrophotographic processes and products” by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T).
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TPR announces the availability of iP_ANALYSIS
TPR’s Image Permanence Data Management System Software Package

TPR announces that that the latest version of the TEC Tribo Charge Analyzer TEC-2 is now shipping.

TPR Ozone Testing Facilities Description (PDF)

TPR has conducted an extensive test on the stability of photographic prints made from a variety of systems from multiple vendors. The report compares the performance of the various images under accelerated conditions to assess their respective permanence and to make life projections. this is available for download at Publications.

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